Other Investments Outside of Real Estate

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We, of course, talk a lot about real estate on this site.  Property, be it vacant land, a plot with a farm on it, a commercial property with businesses, all have value in varied amounts.  We also see that real estate not only maintains its value over time, but it’s fair to say that there’s a constant up to the right trend with pricing.

The reasons for the value can be summarized into a few core factors.  One factor is that as everything goes up in value or at least in price over time, real estate is another one of those constants.  You can see this time and time again pretty much anywhere you look around your town, your country, or the world.  In fact, unless something disastrous and extreme happens like a terrible natural disaster or fundamental change in some characteristics of the property, it will maintain its value and likely go up increasingly over time.

Another factor is that it’s simply a matter of an increasing population almost everywhere and all the time with a finite supply of property.  Since we have more and more people or businesses that are all chasing the same finite amount of a resource, price pressures are going to be in place that drive it constantly upward.

A third fundamental factor that perhaps is intertwined in reasoning with the above two factors is the security and stability associated with real estate that gives its value.  The finite supply, the history and precedent set, and also the fact that it’s a resource that you can touch, see, feel, and even taste.  When we’re talking about productive land, in terms of a farm or other asset-bearing property, then there is even further value that is readily apparent.

So, we’ve covered the reasons why real estate is so important and valued.  But, we’d like to delve into another interesting investment area that has been getting a lot of attention especially the past 18 months.  That area is the cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin and Ethereum.  We’re not going to delve into the details of any particular cryptocurrency.  But, it simply is an area that one must be keeping an eye on for a variety of reasons.

Even if you don’t want to invest in this area, the technology and social movement behind this force is significant.  Blockchain is one of the fundamental technologies involved in this area and it’s reshaping and, indeed, disrupting a lot of traditional approaches.  We simply can’t do justice to the topic in this post, except to introduce it to the reader and make our recommendation to seriously look into this area.  If you would like to join the altcoin market, do your research to get a solid understanding before investing.


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