Useful Plumbing Tips Beginners Should Know


Learning to fix some minor plumbing issues can be a great thing since this can save an individual a lot of money to cater for other projects at large. Some plumbing issues like taking care of overflowing toilets or fixing dripping faucets can be taken care at an individual level. These issues should be taken care of before they can develop deeper to require a professional to provide solutions. Herein are useful tips that will help you take care of minor plumbing issues when you are properly equipped. 

You can loosen tough water pipe fittings using heat

If you seem not to be getting the trap that is normally under the piper or sink fitting lose no matter how you hard you try loosening it using a pipe wrench, then you should think of an alternative as fast as possible. The hardened fittings can at times seem an impossibility budging the fitting with even any brute strength. Heat usage can be the best alternative to loosen up the solidified, old pipe dope. This trick can be accomplished using a small propane torch, but then, you will have to apply some heat before you progress for a few minutes. Protect your nearby walls by using a heat resistant material. Heat can only be used only on metal water pipes and never to the gas pipes or on plastic ones.

Consider removing clogs without employing chemicals

Never at all consider buying expensive chemical drain cleaners whenever you notice your drain clearing slowly. Consider unclogging the drain manually using a drain snake. All you should do is inserting the drain snake into the clogged drain and pull back out with the culprit right attached to the drain snake. In case you don’t want/ or you don’t have to hassle with one, then you should try using a dry/wet shop vacuum to get off the clog culprit (or call a pro from loodgieter Utrecht). 

Always inspect your shower-head with any issue

Among the easiest ways of fixing any dripping shower-head is by the usage of thread tape. Possibilities are that the leaks that you notice are as a result of lack of tight connection between the threads. All you need to do is unscrewing the shower-heads and apply a new tape simply by wrapping it and then re-attach to cover-up/stop the dripping.

In case you find that the shower-head is clogged, then you should consider soaking it in a bowl of vinegar and warm water for about an hour. Thereafter loosen any mineral deposits that might be the cause of the entire blockages using a small brush. 

Never get afraid of replacing Faucet/toilet inside parts

Handling issues under the showers or sinks can be solved after taking apart pipes under them; this can sometimes lead to messy issues if it doesn’t be taken with a lot of care. But then, little can be damaged when replacing your faucet’s cartridge or even the toilet’s flapper. The common causes of leaks happening between the bowl and toilet are the worn flappers. These flappers normally are affordable and as a bonus, the package comes along with a clear guide on how they can be replaced. 

Many modern faucets issues can be fixed by replacing the whole faucet inside with new parts. It’s only a single screw or at most two that are removed to reach the problematic part. So, in case you notice your sink dripping or the toilet running more frequently, then you should immediately get replacements parts and fix the problem.

Use thread tape instead of thread sealing compounds

Most DIY projects that involve pipe threads can be fixed by using the thread tape as well instead of the thread sealing compound that can at times smear and drip. Complete the project by purchasing a multi-purpose tape that is normally white, the thicker tape that is yellow is for gas while the pink one is for water. You should try the thicker options since they are easier to handle. 

When wrapping it, do this by rolling it around the threads counterclockwise. If you can’t get the roll fitting right into a tight space, consider wrapping few turns at a pen and then apply from this point. To achieve better results, consider wrapping around the threads about three times.


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